Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Relationship between Eliezer and his Father. Explain how Eliezer's Essay

The Relationship between Eliezer and his Father. Explain how Eliezer's relations with his father changes throughout the novel - Essay Example The relationship however did not start as strong as it ended. The novel demonstrates the changes in how the two related through various experiences. Their initial relationship is first presented at the beginning of the book. The father is not so much concerned about his son’s education or desires. When Eliezer wishes to study the Cabbala, he requests his father if he could get a master to guide him. Although we know that his father could have done it, he discourages Eliezer saying that "You must first study the basic subjects within your own understanding." (Wiesel 2) This is said without even his father being moved away from his own businesses, an indication that he was not willing to help Eliezer on his desires whether personally or by looking for a master to guide Eliezer. Despite his father’s refusal to help him, Eliezer disobeyed even his advice to first study the basic subjects before undertaking the Cabbala. Eliezer took the matter as a personal initiative and even found himself a master, Moishe the Beadle, to guide him (Wiesel 4). In the first sections of the book, we see a father-son relationship that is cold and filled with mistrust. Eliezer wanted to do so much, but the father did not support him. Many a times, he was forced to disobey and do things on his own especially on realization that his father disapproved of his religious pursuits. As father and son move from their comfortable home into the concentration camps, a sharp turn of events occur. In the new environment, dependence on trusted individuals is a treasure. There is an observable rapid development in their relationship and a closeness that was not originally there is seen. The development starts with a familial separation. The two were separated from Eliezer’s mother and sister and Eliezer, having been relatively independent of his father from the start becomes a strong

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