Friday, September 13, 2019

Biological agents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Biological agents - Essay Example National response framework is built upon scalable, flexible and adaptable coordinating structures to align key role and responsibilities across the nation. The private sector performs essential service missions in times of need. They provide shelter, emergency food supplies among other vital services. The framework incorporates standardized organizational structures that promote on- scene initiative, innovation and sharing of resources and information. The framework promotes quick assessment and response to incidences that require federal assistance. When dealing with any potential terrorist attack, past occurrence has taught that the first necessary task is to make safe the area and determine the nature and severity of the threat. Particularly in the past few years, several instances have been reported when a secondary device has been targeted at emergency responders or armed secondary assault has been perpetrated by offenders, in an attempt to harm or kill rescuers and disrupt emergency operations. Deploying countermeasures along pathways to reduce the threat of a terrorist attack is nothing new. The pathway to a commercial airline trip requires one to pass through a Transportation Security Administration screening checkpoint. Rain concept stresses the need for safe management of biological attack by involving all the necessary institution of the United States. The federal law is put in place to ensure that the rights of the citizens are taken into consideration while dealing with biological threats.

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