Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sustainability in global business. Topic The MOLE TRAIN Essay

Sustainability in global business. Topic The MOLE TRAIN - Essay Example The Mole Train greatest advantage will be facilitating fast and reliable transactions between China and the U.S, which will facilitate strengthening of trade ties between the two countries. Since transactions will be facilitated at much high efficiencies, and in the shortest time possible, the Mole Train will abolish time wastage in the travel arrangements when using both air and ship transportation. This will lead to increased transactions and business activities between the two countries, further harmonizing bilateral polices and agreements; this is necessary in maintaining harmony between countries. Moreover, the infinite opportunities presented by construction of the Mole Train will create jobs and investment opportunities, which will eventually boost the economy of the two countries (Collins & Kearins, 2010). The mega project will ensure strengthened relationship ties between the two countries; many transactions between the two countries will mean more interactions. These ties w ill help in developing mutual understanding when signing treaties and agreements, which have been taking long to finalize due to limited interactions. The increased interaction will help increase the range of available products in the markets, hence improving diversity in the markets, and attracting more customers (Tachizawa & Pozo, 2012). The two countries will thus be on the global focus regarding availability of investment opportunities due to such great infrastructure necessary in international trade. Sustainability Aggarwal (2011) notes that the Mole Train idea was designed to satisfy the need of a faster and more efficient transport, compared to air transport and ship transport, which are the only available mode of transport between the two countries. The project involves having a train that will move in a non-stop manner underground, and use the least time possible between the two countries. The train will be expected to travel at a thrilling speed of 8km/s, implying the eigh t thousand miles journey will only take less than an hour. After evaluation and consideration of many factors, the Mole Train concept was found to be the most promising and viable solution to the underlying problem. The idea was to reduce the time wasted in travelling, and instead increase the time taken in transactions, achieving efficiency and effectiveness. Faster mobility of people in large numbers was another factor to consider. An airplane has limited number of people it can transport, while a train can handle much larger number of people, in addition to tons of cargo at the same time. Trade and development between the two countries is another factor considered in coming up with the Mole Train idea (Yen-Chun et al., 2010). Due to the growth and development in, technology, there is increased production in both countries, with both imports and experts expanding drastically, which demands more markets, and faster supply chain and logistical factors to reach customers at the short est time possible. These were the main ideas behind the Mole Train concept development to achieve faster delivery and increase trade activities. The Mole Train is environmentally sustainable. The rail path will be constructed underground, implying any interruption with the ecosystem will not be of considerable magnitude. However, the millions of tons in earth and soil dug in the trench will eventually affect the

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