Sunday, September 15, 2019

Needs in Different Life Stages Essay

NEEDS OF THE DIFFERENT LIFE STAGES! Human Needs Needs: lack of something that is required or desired Needs exist from birth to death Needs influence our behavior Needs have a priority status Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Maslow’s hierarchy of needs( levels of need) Meeting Needs Motivation to act when needs felt Sense of satisfaction when needs met Sense of frustration when needs not met Several needs can be felt at the same time Different needs can have different levels of intensity Altered Physiological Needs Health care workers need to be aware of how illness interferes with meeting physiological needs Surgery or laboratory testing Anxiety Medications Loss of vision or hearing Altered Physiological Needs (continued) Decreased sense of smell and taste Deterioration of muscles and joints Change in person’s behavior What the health care worker can do to assist the patient with altered needs Summary Be aware of own needs and patient’s needs More efficient and quality care can be provided when know needs and understand motivations Better understanding of our behavior and that of others Summary Recognise that we are all different. Help them to help themselves and become more independent. Everyone has a choice Treat individuals with respect and dignity. Protect vulnerable individuals Different professionals are involved in care formal and informal care provision Summary Our five life stages are the early years, school age, young people in transition (from school to adult life), adults of working age, and older people. For each life stage we have identified the outcomes that everyone would want for themselves at that stage in life.

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