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Nurse education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nurse education - Essay Example Nurses assist advance the most appropriate actions for patient services by cautiously investigating current strategies and giving response to their nurse leader (Needleman & Buerhaus, 2003). In addition, the transformational leadership technique is significantly related with perceived job satisfaction and efficiency. For example, transformational nurse leadership entails staff nurse involvement in performance development initiatives and strategic planning. My clinical experience occurred in labor & delivery or postpartum unit. Hospitals provide training programs, for example, assistant or technician trainings, which frequently incorporate trainee nurses right into the system of that facility. The labor & delivery or postpartum unit provided high danger and usual postpartum care. The unit was made up of ten beds, nine labor rooms, two examination rooms, one operating room, and one observation room. The labor & delivery or postpartum unit delivered almost seventy babies monthly. Most hospitals have websites where an individual may get information regarding nursing job vacancies and their requirements. The labor & delivery or postpartum unit merged caring proficiency with the most novel creative activities and up to date equipment (Kaestner, 2005). Participation also permitted firsthand experience and was an adequate way of learning. The model of care delivery is the synergy model. This model is a structure for creating nursing practice and establishing capabilities that indicate a combination of experience, skills, and knowledge of the nurse. The synergy model employs registered nurses incorporating them in the process of clinical decision making in the facility. There are ten nurses, six females and four males. The central point of view of the synergy model is that the synergy outcomes when the characters and requirements of the clinical unit, patient, or system are matched with the capabilities of a nurse. The problem is in the clinical decision making process. The synergy model provides the nurses with a strategy to make decisions in creating patient responsibilities matching the appropriate nurse with the adequate expertise for patient care. This model reduces work intensity, enhances the work surrounding, assures communication and cooperation between teams, and promotes a culture of learning (Kaestner, 200 5). Intervention√É‚   The nurse leader or manager proposes to deal with the issue of staffing shortage of registered nurses on a labor and delivery or postpartum unit in a number of ways. First, the nurse leader proposes the approval of federal standards indicating nurse to patient work load threshold and nurse to patient ratios. Health care providers should be required to offer necessary skill mix and efficient staffing levels to make sure there is an appropriate working environment for nurses and quality service to patients. Second, the nurse manager proposes a legal ban

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