Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bullying become normal in US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bullying become normal in US - Essay Example America having its cultural basis in the concept of enlightenment is experiencing most of bullying problems as compared to other western countries. This situation is a question mark for the governments, educational institutes as the basic idea during formation of America was equal opportunities to all the people of the country both economically and socially (UNESCO). Bullying causes division of society on the basis of race, religion or sexuality. This division can make one group of human beings in superiority complex while others in inferiority complex. A situation which is quite alarming to all the members of society as well as for the economic growth of the country; as economic progress demands full working power of individuals to attain a common goal of prosperity for the country. The first experience of Bully most of the American student have is the discrimination of students on the basis of color. White students have violent behavior towards black students and African Americans also. In opposition black people tend to form their own communities and somewhat try to compete with white students. This type of division from the start of professional career remains towards the end of their lives. It can be clearly seen throughout longitude and latitude of the country. Division of humans on any basis is unethical and moral less. Especially it is remarkable to know these facts even in this age when planet earth is supposed to be global village and America is regarding an ideal regarding liberty and related concepts. The division on the basis of race is opposed by both federal and local governments throughout the country. Yet there are many amendments required laws regarding this type of discrimination (UNESCO) (FEC). The curriculum of psychology also needs to be changed, in my opinion as there is continues flaws in the psychiatrist’s education as most of the experts yet cannot define normal or abnormal person in this regard. Major source of this differentia tion is done at the young age starting commonly from difference in fashions, hair styles and clothing. Most of the African America students have distress education career; also most of these children even now days are facing family economic problems like poverty continuous eviction notices and loss of jobs their parents continuously have. This creates an inferiority complex in such students and they tend to get in a hole with other students like them creating a unique community to live; right from the start of their lives. This affects the whole life of the children. Later they become middle class citizens having mediocre jobs and this situation is continuing for decades now. On the other hand white students make their own community. Clearly based on superiority they have socially over the black or African American students. It is the major cause of other psychiatric condition called superiority complex. It continues throughout their whole educational career and all over the life of people. America as we know today is divided extensively on this. Also there is bullying for other immigrants also. Second type of bullying faced majorly by American students is the division of people on the basis of sex. This bullying is faced by majority of female students even today. The consequences of this type of bullying are more devastating than the first one. This type of mental illness is much difficult to

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