Friday, August 9, 2019

The Concept of Leadership in the media Assignment - 1

The Concept of Leadership in the media - Assignment Example It further elaborates the benefits of ethic and social responsibility in customer in company operations. The article looks into a new workplace diversity system to assist employers to create fairer and diverse workplace. The article explains further the need to have diversity in workplace in relation to economy and performance of the firm (DuBrin, 2011). Promotion of diversity in workplace makes employees from minority feel secure and become more productive. This type of platform for training on diverse employment assists in improving ability of employees working together and productivity. The article comes from women agenda website that which reports only facts. Article gives a good tool in improving and managing diversity at workplace. Saly, J. (March 05, 2015). Workplace diversity. It makes cents. Women’s Agenda.Web. March 14, 2015. Retrieved from Vanderhorst, D. (March 6, 2015). FPAA summit emphasizes social responsibility. The Packer. Web. March 14, 2015. Retrieved from

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