Sunday, August 11, 2019

EH 1010-08H ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (EH1010-08H) Essay

EH 1010-08H ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (EH1010-08H) - Essay Example It should be noted that not only the patient or the victim of smoke is at a loss from his body deprivation point of view but also his chances of suffering an injury instantaneously are quite viable. As debated before, many kinds of ailments might creep up with the passage of time circumscribing diseases such as cancer, lung-related problems and throat malignancies to name a few. [Jacobson, 1997] Peer smoking has been found out as one of the mainstays in keeping up to the smoking habit. People who are discouraged to smoke find solace when they see their near and dear ones doing the same, thus allowing themselves just about any rationale to follow upon and continue with the smoking loom. Certain discussions have also been concluded on the fact that parents generally do not have any idea on how to combat smoking so that their wards can keep off this habit from themselves. [Chase, 1995] They (parents) find certain ways in which their young ones do not readily catch up on the already present bandwagon of adopting a cigarette to relieve their tensions and thus allowing just about every harmful drug into their body with

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