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Answer those questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer those questions - Essay Example In addition to it, he identified the 4 moons of the Jupiter and proved to the world that, it is possible for a planet to have moons, which rotate around them. His major astronomical observation was that of ‘Venus’. Galileo developed formulas related to various functioning of the machines and also invented many machines. Galileo fight with â€Å"machines† is referred to that of the fight with the problem of objectivity of science. He laid out model for solving all types of motion (machine).He argued that, â€Å"the problems of floating bodies could be reduced to Archimedean principle†. Galileo faced conflicts with the Roman Catholic Church. It is usually portrayed as the conflict between the science and the religion, but it is not as simple as that, as it was very deep. Copernican science and Aristotelian science became the Church tradition. It was a conflict of these. Galileo presented his scientific views in support of Copernicus as well as his biblical views in a â€Å"letter to the Grand Duchess of Tuscany† (1615). It became the reason of his first Church trial and censure. For the â€Å"Church†, if Aristotle was found to be wrong, Christianity was wrong. When Galileo revealed the idea presented in his book, he was charged with unorthodoxy or heresy. This was due to the published â€Å"Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems†. This was found offensive and unpleasant to the Cardinal-turned-Pope Urban VIII. Therefore, the Pope requested that his ideas and views be presented and published as part of his writing. But, the writing was as a dialogue between three characters, in which the popes ideas was represented by the dumbest character, "Simplicius". Due to this, he was arrested. Q.2. Swift in Voyage to Laputa, says that the behaviour and attitude of the animals depicted was very orderly and â€Å"rational†. It was also quite acute and judicious. Therefore, he tried to conclude that they must be

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