Sunday, August 25, 2019

E-Business and Value Chains Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

E-Business and Value Chains - Essay Example This paper will seek to develop e-value and e-customer chains in terms of e-business to show the means by which information technology (IT) has been influencing the Virgin Atlantic Airways apparel business innovation, transformation, and development among other benefits (Godwin, 2009:4). Additionally, this paper will focus on opportunities brought about by electronic business and asses strengths as well as weaknesses experienced by this organization due to information technology. Changes in supply chain management practices of Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Airways is an acclaimed leader in the aviation industry. Being the first airline to introduce or launch customer for the Airbus A340-600, it accords its name a great deal of success and innovation (Buhalis, 2003:7). This airline revolutionized the business when it created the Upper Class ‘Suite’ and started offering regular services to 25 destinations globally. With development of internet, the supply chain m anagement and practices of this airline transformed. This is because; information communication technologies transformed the entire business world of aviation. In particular, the airline industry fostered its dependency on technology due to its strategic and operational management. Virgin Atlantic Airways was an early adopter of information communication technolo

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