Thursday, August 29, 2019

Disability Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Disability Interview - Assignment Example Mike used to be quite popular with his social network; the life of the party who was well-respected prior to his injury. Mike has found that his social invitations are nearly non-existent since the injury, causing him significant frustration at the social level. Emotionally, Mike is having adjustment problems with being forced to live back at home with his parents while he attempts to adjust to his disability. Having been an independent person before the accident, Mike often finds himself lashing out at others in frustration and anger over his life situation. At the psychological level, Mike described what would be referred to as defense mechanisms, often denying that his disability exists so that he can cope with the situation. At the physical level, Mike has a difficult time performing simple tasks such as tying his shoes, eating a meal, or even using the restroom independently. Mike’s right arm was severed which had been his dominant hand for basic lifestyle needs such as writing. Even though Mike receives ongoing parental support and encouragement, he still has not learned basic rudimentary skills without assistance or the use of a vocal translator on his personal computer. At the functional level, Mike would essentially be categorized as moderately functional, requiring significant external assistance in many different areas of lifestyle. Mike has learned to overcome his emotional concern over lost friendships through a series of meditation practices mandated by his primary physician. Mike had a long-term girlfriend who abruptly abandoned him after discovering his disability. At the social and emotional levels, Mike is exploring alternative dating websites which match people with like disabilities for romantic encounters. Additionally, Mike has finally learned to overcome his career deficiencies by being linked with a recruiter who manages people with his condition. At the vocational level, Mike is taking extended coursework in an

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