Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Keystone Pipeline Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Keystone Pipeline Project - Research Paper Example activists have continuously urged president Obama to reject the project, counting on his track record of acknowledging the impact of climate change on humanity. The activists classify the project as among the biggest challenges world faces today. Objections to projects of huge magnitude are always necessary (Ruchti, 2010) Case against Implementation of Keystone Pipeline Project White House officials and numerous other state departmental staff have continuously insisted that a ruling by the Obama administration on the keystone XL will be entirely based upon environmental, security and economic factors. Activists have been using the project to test the president’s commitment towards environmental protection efforts, and while the intended economic benefits are huge, the projects negative impact on the environment pits environmental conservation efforts versus economic gains (Roode & Ruchti, 2010). White house officials have stated that the project is neither a component of the c ountry’s policy on climate, nor a means for bargaining on trade issues with other countries, especially Canada as the case on Keystone in this case Canada (Kadrmas, 2009). (i). Negative impact of keystone pipeline on the environment Research suggests that the Keystone Pipeline Project’s negative impact on the environment and climate especially along the proposed route far out weight the intended economic benefits that might be derived from the project (Kadrmas, 2009). Profits gained from investment in the pipeline system might be immediate and worth the cause, but the long term degradation of the environment will negatively influence every aspect of the lives of Americans living along the pipeline, from current to future generations. The project is harmful to the ecosystem and the... The project itself is worthwhile and of great economic implications. Jobs will be created as well as energy. If the Obama administration approves implementation of the keystone pipeline project, the resultant effect of job creation and economic gain aside, there will also be a tremendous increase in greenhouse emissions on the atmosphere. Pollution of land, air and water will be one of the major implications of the project. Because of its magnitude, the world climate will be affected by this single pipeline project in terms of global warming. The government should instead resolve on how clean energy can be produced and recycled since appetite for oil will always exist if not increase with the ever growing population. Structures to check operations of such plants should be put in place and reviewed regularly before projects such as Keystone pipeline are implemented. Compensation for land should be concerned with satisfactorily paying land owners the equivalent of the value of their la nd and additional costs of eviction. The concern for the environment should be the top priority for projects such as Keystone since reversing the effects of environmental degradation is nearly impossible.

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