Monday, October 14, 2019

How My Brother Leon Brough Home a Wife Essay Example for Free

How My Brother Leon Brough Home a Wife Essay Baldo and his brother Leon waiting for the arrival of their visitor riding the carretella. Seeing his brother’s wife, Baldo was easily taken away by the beauty of Maria. Baldo describe Maria as lovely girl, tall, have a long nails and fragrant like a morning when papayas are in bloom. When they got home, Leon asks her mother quickly if where is their father. The father calls Baldo to ask some question when they went home. Baldo tell everything. Conclusion The story How _My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife, _is the common story of some people when they get living and find their independency to living. Somehow, the story can tell that it is from the true story or a non-fiction. It tells the differences of two places, the Barrio Nagrebcan of Bauang La Union and Manila, the province and the city. In City there’s people noises, polluted surrounding, many houses and cars while in the province you’ve only seen some houses and wide fields. The differences also on the traditional names and modern ones like â€Å"Maria† can be â€Å"Mayang† or â€Å"Maring†. In characters, Baldo was amazed to the beauty of Maria, and felt some envy to his brother to have her. He describes Maria like as the most beautiful woman he met. But he’s think also if what his father feels when he see Maria. Leon, feels like comfortable and confidence on what will be the reaction of his father. He told to maria the gis father is an OGRE. The word ogre is a symbolism. It symbolizes what Maria’s thoughts to Leon’s father.

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