Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Somali Pirates Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Somali Pirates - Personal Statement Example They possess automatic weapons along with loads of AK-47s, tracking equipments, advanced communication devices. They have different levels of attack and methods of dealing within each level. In my line of thinking, they are the true masters of deception and entrapment although this includes physical attack; their camouflaging is better than the chameleons themselves. One aspect of piracy which surprises me a great deal is the inability to sustain security onboard and on the seaways. In other words, world’s massive trade is moved through these very seas estimated to be at more than 90% of the world’s economy is most prone to attacks and loss of billions of money through piracy! The only explanation I can think of is a refusal to attend to the indifference. But then in my opinion these areas have the largest amount of poverty and are, one way or the other, entitled to the world’s money. And the corporations suffering the loss deserve it because poverty began when the world denied people the right to have money. Although several corporations are involved in helping the Somali pirates buy the latest technology; getting their hands on such technology is something that they cannot accomplish by themselves. It is a known fact that the waters of Somalia cannot be regulated at all much less 24/7, the reason being as simple as the government being unable to impose further responsibility on their already strained assets. Although in my opinion is it is not entirely impossible because if a huge force is to arrive on the scene, piracy can be lessened. NATO and other such organizations are patrolling the area though without guarantees of any sort. Piracy has become socially acceptable in Somalia; after all what is one supposed to do after almost two decades of unending conflict. Somalia’s need for food aid is estimated to be at about 50 % of

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