Monday, July 29, 2019

Grid Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Grid Computing - Essay Example With its help the organizations are able to utilize underused CPU capabilities within the network, avoid unbalanced capabilities, and virtually lift the constraints imposed by the capability of a particular CPU. Grid computing becomes an access gate to the on-demand computing meaning the processing and storage capacity is used when it is needed. It allows processing large workloads more quickly without "stealing" the capacity from other viable tasks running simultaneously. Grid Computing Info Center compares the underlying idea of grid computing to electric power network (grid) where power generators are distributed, but the users are able to access electric power without bothering about the source of energy and its location (Grid Computing Info Center n/p). The major providers of the grid computing software include IBM, Oracle, Intel, Infosys, SAS, Sun Gridware. A number of the companies specializing in grid computing software offer their solutions to a wide range of corporations as well: Grid Frastructure, Gridwise Tech, Gridwell, Gridsystems, etc. (Grid Computing Info Center n/p). Often the software offers are adapted to suit the needs of a particular industry or company. For instance, IBM's Grid and Grow solutions offer the organizations a wide variety of customized platforms.

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