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Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural features like the amount of uncertainty long-term and secondary prevention orientation particularly could appear to be useful when further segmenting countries regarding the potential of e-commerce.Trinidad scores low in great power distance with a 47 (Hofstede).Individuals in Trinidad tend to be very independent. The hierarchy present is merely for convenience. how There are equal rights for all.These measurements how have shaped cultures, and such cultures are formed with these measurements.Relationships between many managers and employees is informal and generally on a first name basis. The United States also scores low in political power distance with a 40. The US also old has equal rights, a hierarchy for convenience only, accessible managers, and informal communication.Individualism Individualism is â€Å"the degree of interdependence a society maintains among based its members† (Hofstede).

Its also referred to as Long-Term Orientation.Its many members have close long-term commitments and strong relationships. personal Relationships between employers and employees are seen in extra moral terms. Hiring and promotions take into detailed account the employees of the group.Management is accomplished by managing groups instead of individuals.Humane orientation could must have an impact on motivation.Hiring and promotions are literary merit based. Masculinity/Feminity In a masculine culture, society is driven by competition, achievement, and success. Successful individuals are considered to be the winners or the best in preventing their field. A feminine culture has cares good for others.

They have to think of communication best practices that are different.Competition and equality is stressed. Conflicts how are resolved by fighting it out. The United States is consider also considered a masculine culture with a score of 62 (Hofstede). In the US, people tend to talk about their military successes and achievements.Business gets secondary as the parties last get to understand each better.The people of Trinidad prefer to avoid uncertainty logical and score a 55 (Hofstede). They have strong beliefs and great expectations for behavior. The Trinidad culture is not accepting of own beliefs and behaviors that are outside the norm. The people are very precise, punctual, hard working, and busy.

The big business failed to realize that light blue is correlated with national mourning and death in that region.The culture what does not require many rules. People in the US do not express their emotions how are openly.Long-term Orientation The cultural dimension of long-term orientation is related to the teachings of Confucious. It deals with a cultures search for virtue.Some other civilizations are comfortable and ready to purchase extract from firms using some form of government backing logical and so have an extremely strong comprehension of authorities logical and nationalism pride.It has a short-term point of view. Its other people focus on tradition. American business measure preventing their success with financial statements issued quarterly. Individuals social work for fast results.

Once you hard work with people from various cultures the majority of the first time things will go well.Their culture is resistant to invention.Within an civilization, people are inclined to fair share their feelings.Theres a solid awareness of loyalty within the category.

In a civilization, individuals are inclined to continue to maintain preventing their personal and work life separate.Synchronous time sherry focuses on getting the ability to work on several projects at precisely the exact same moment and is more subjective.Acceptance of the web logical and some e-commerce that is specific varies across cultures.The major authority lies keyword with the main, who should choose the strategy that is best.

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